The Amazon Guide for eBooks For Amazon Kindle

This guide would like to remind you that buying a book is the ultimate compliment for an author and reviewing their book is like tipping for a service provided.

Eumeralla – Secrets, Tragedy and Love
Eumeralla is really well written. It is, by far, one of the best books found. The author has a writing style very similar to John Irving. This is the author you want to follow.

The writing is clean and clear. The characterization is very well done and the book left me homesick for a place I had never been.

Put this book in your top 5 reading material. You will not be disappointed.”
Beyond Dark Waters (Dark Water Series Book 1)
Beyond Dark Waters by Des Birch is Prolific!

There are so many threads weaving the levels of story taking place throughout this book that make the reader ponder themselves. The concepts are crafted very well and the creative ability of this author delivers a solid reading experience. There is such a strength in this story that will make you wonder how our culture would be different if this book were mandatory reading in the classroom.

Make this one of the important books to read in your lifetime. ========================================================================
BAYOU WULF: Archaeology vs. Supernatural (Bloodscreams Series Book 4)
This is an excellent horror/adventure novel.

The book will end leaving you sitting there craving more.

A 5 star book to put on the top of your list to read.
Warning Order (Navy SEAL Grant Stevens Book 2)
An outstanding and thrilling adventure novel. This author has a unique ability to weave such suspense through the chapters that it becomes an obsession. You will want to know what happens next.

This is a famous author waiting to happen.

The book is very well done. Buy it, read it, share it.

This novel is a solid five star read.
The Depths of Deception
This is an exceptional read along the lines of the Bourne Identity.

Great story flow and characterization.

This book rates 5 stars because it earns it.

Put this one on your top ten to read.
The Gathering Dead (A Zombie Apocalypse Novel)
The Gathering Dead by Stephen Knight is a bone-chilling page-turning thriller. This author has delivered a well written story.

Stephen Knight has accomplished a very entertaining story that pulls you in from the first page and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The action is nonstop and he has created a new type of zombie that raises the bar on this genre of book. His writing is engaging and the characters have real depth. You feel for the victims, hide with the survivors, and run for your life as this compelling book drives you forward. This book allows the reader to become part of the story instead of a casual observer.

There is no way to get through this book without experiencing the story as it unfolds. The author has accomplished the difficult and delivered a book that will play out like a movie as you read. The descriptive writing is visually captivating.

If you like to be both scared and thrilled at the same time then buy a copy of the Gathering Dead. Put this book on top of your horror choices and you will not be disappointed. This is a rock solid 5 star story told very well.
This book grips you from the very beginning. You will like the characters and miss them when the book is over.

The book itself is well written, articulate and pulls you so far into the story line that you are involved with what is happening. Put this book on your must read list if you are a fan of sci-fi.
Kickshaw Candies
This author has created an original captivating story that pulls you in from the very start. I believe this author may be setting a trend on a hybrid genre of books (Fantasy Horror) and does a great job with it.

Kickshaw Candies is a book to put in your top 5 of books to buy. You will not be disappointed with the writing or the story.

This book earns a 5 star rating.
Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Innocent Until Proven Guilty makes you grab hold of your chair. This author writes a lot like Clive Cussler. So, if you like action and adventure, harrowing situations and legal drama, then this is the book for you. Put this one at the top of your books to read. It is well worth the purchase price and gets a five star rating.
With Proud Humility
The author sets a new standard on adventure stories and crafts characters like they are people we know. This is a nonstop high seas adventure with a powerful female leading character. Buy this book and get ready for a tale with pirates, lost maps, a hidden treasure horde, danger and intrigue. This would be one author to follow for future books as well.
The Horror Of The Shade (The Trilogy Of The Void Book 1)
The Horror of the Shade is a really good horror story that will make you get out of bed in the middle of the night and turn the lights on.

This is a book for those who like to feel the tiny hairs stand up on the back of your neck, your blood turn cold and your pulse quicken.

If you are not faint of heart, put this book in your top 5 horror books to read.
The Legendiers and the Battle of Darkness
This is a good book to read for anyone who likes fantasy novels along the lines of Eragon and Harry Potter.

There is humor, romance, adventure and it is all rolled together to be a real page turner. The second half of this fantasy adventure is a whirlwind.

It is a really good read.
Soldiers of Legend: Betrayals
Soldiers of Legend has a really good plot.

This book is worth the purchase and time to read. If you like scifi along the lines of Robert Heinlein then you will like Soldiers of Legend.

The characters are believable and it is easy to project how we would be if raised in that environment.

Put it in your top ten of sci fi books to buy.
Demon Gates (Nexus Wars Saga Book 1)
Demon Gates by Robert Day is a really good read. His writing flows like a fine wine. His simplistic writing style pulled me into the story easily. This is a good read for fantasy fans of all ages.

Demon Gates is well worth the purchase price and the end of the book leaves you wanting more. Put this book in your top 20 to read. You will enjoy it and not be disappointed with your purchase.
Who More Than Wished You Were Dead? (A Marge Christensen Mystery Book 3)
Patricia K. Batta delivers an excellent murder mystery – Put this book at the top of your list to buy.

Patricia K. Batta is an author to watch. The author proves her ability to craft a story that grips and pulls you into the plot.
Destiny’s Forge (Children of The Dragon Book 1)
Destiny’s Forge by Theresa M. Moore is an action packed Sci-Fi Thriller

The plot holds danger and intrigue. The main character is female and the author does a great job rolling out a strong adventurous story line breaking the mold that adventurer’s must be male to be taken seriously.

Put this book in your top ten science fiction books to read this year.

A strong 4 star read!
Excalibur: The Legend (The Celtic Connection: Action Adventure Guaranteed!)
Finding Excalibur has a very intriguing story line. The characters are genuine and there is plenty of action. There is nothing to prevent this book being for readers of all ages. If you like a really good treasure hunt story along the lines of National Treasure then you will enjoy Finding Excalibur by J A Walker. Put this on your list of reading material and you will not be disappointed.
The Legacy Inheritance
This would be a good book for anyone facing changes in life… and would make an excellent high school or college graduation gift.

Any book that can make you step out of your petty everyday trivialities and make you thankful for your life (for however short a time!), deserves glowing praise. I rarely have time to write reviews, but I just had to give some time to The Legacy Inheritance. A great uplifting read!
Mad Gods – Predatory Ethics: Book I
Mad Gods is a thought provoking and suspenseful story told well. This book builds with suspense to a climactic pinacle. It is refreshing to find such original and thought provoking material. This author delivers a book that stays with you, seeps into your thoughts, and you end up wanting more to the story.

Thank to Amazon for putting this great list together